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Lesley Real Sterling Silver With Platinum Finish DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring
Product code : SRNG192

A superb ring radiant with a band of hand set DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconia. The highly polished curvatures of the outer surface enhance the ring's dazzle factor and create a perfection of harmony and proportion. Platinum finish for the ultimate in luxury. Enjoy wearing this fabulous ring.

  • Real Sterling Silver
  • Platinum Finish
  • DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconia
    Finest Quality Diamond Simulant
  • Eternity Ring
  • 4mm Band
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£ 58
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£ 29

DiamonFlash® CUBIC ZIRCONIA Finest Quality Diamond Simulant

All our Cubic Zirconia stones are top quality AAA, AA and A grade for maximum brilliance and sparkle and are equivalent to the best D colour diamonds.