Our History

In 1979 a brother and sister with a passion for jewellery decided to open a refreshingly different kind of jewellers. Warren James Jewellery outlet was opened, offering something new to customers... great jewellery design, just like the brands, but half the price.

The first outlet became a busy destination for people from all over the area and its popularity soon spread. Word of mouth from customer to customer passed on how great the value offer was. Today, WJ is the UK's largest independently owned jewellery chain with 220 shops nationwide,

Warren James success can be attributed to many things but not least the dedication and team spirit of all our people who look after our customers and to this day keep the original vision and passion alive.

How we do it

  • We use our own trained specialised teams to source directly from the top manufacturers and small local craftsmen worldwide.
  • We keep our costs to a minimum and operate a unique and efficient distribution network.
  • We rely only on the strength of our reputation - no advertising or packaging costs are added to our prices.
  • We work on the principle of always giving outstanding value.

Our Products

We are Jewellery Specialists. We concentrate all our efforts in offering the best jewellery - just like the brands - but half the price. All our jewellery is specially selected, with careful consideration to its style, design and the quality of  workmanship and of course, our customers' lifestyles. Visit Warren James and become part of a unique savings experience ... great products, great prices - we make treating yourself and others affordable.