Drop Earrings (11)

Drop earrings, silver (real sterling 925) diamante drop earrings. Gold, white, yellow 9ct and rose gold finish crystal drop earrings. Women's drop earrings with a tassel, circle and orb shaped designs.

A range of drop earrings for pierced and unpierced ears. With clip-on easy to open leaf options. Delicate and simple designs set with coloured faux semi-precious stones. Cut in different shapes that glitter in the light for a natural look, in shades of pink and red, aquamarine, turquoise and amethyst. Drop style earrings made with crystals by Swarovski® are on sale and cubic zirconia (CZ). Timeless luxury and style, you can wear with any outfit or hairstyle for that special occasion. Designer jewellery is in fashion and on the trend.