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Hoop Earrings (49)

Offered in several stunning styles and various metal choices, our earrings collections guaranteed to please even the most style conscious of jewellery shoppers. Choose your perfect style and luxury with a simulated diamond design or traditional crystal earrings. Whatever your desire, you will love what you discover.

Hoops are unisex, popular with men and women, or a mini pair is fine for their child. Sizes include big and chunky diamond cut large hoop earrings. Choose from a range of wide diameter hoops, medium hoop earrings and tiny and ultra-lightweight thin pairs. Hinged hoop earrings. Ladies who do not have pierced ears can choose a small easy to open removable clip on closure. Helix hoop, plain or cubic zirconia hoop earrings made with crystals by Swarovski®, whatever shape of face you have they look great (can be worn in the upper ear). A common fashion trend in the 90s, this style classic hoop earring is still popular today.