A Sparkling Affair: Picking the Perfect Ring

A Sparkling Affair: Picking the Perfect Ring

A Guide to Sparkling Christmas Proposals


Tis the season to sparkle and shine, and what better way to do so than with a Christmas proposal featuring our exquisite jewellery? If you're ready to take the plunge and ask that special question during the most magical time of the year, here's a guide to picking the perfect ring!

Selecting the Jewel of a Lifetime


Choosing the perfect engagement ring is arguably the most important decision in the world of proposals. The ring is the crescendo, the `pièce de résistance´ and an exquisite embodiment of your love story. At Warren James, we understand the significance of this symbol of love and commitment and so we offer a diverse range of engagement and wedding rings to suit your unique style. So, how do you exactly pick the `perfect ring´?


Here are our expert tips:

1. Consider Lifestyle:


Factor in your partner's lifestyle and daily activities. If they lead an active life or work with their hands frequently, a lower-profile setting may be more practical. For those with a flair for glamour, a more elaborate setting may be the perfect fit.


2. Envision the Ring as a Set:


If you're considering a wedding band to complement the engagement ring, think about how the two will fit together as a set. Some engagement rings are designed to seamlessly pair with specific wedding bands, creating a cohesive and stunning combination.


3. Add a Personalised Touch with Engravings:


Elevate the sentimental value of the ring by incorporating a personalised engraving. It could be a significant date, a special phrase, or even coordinates of a meaningful place. This adds a unique and intimate touch to the ring.

By carefully selecting the perfect ring and incorporating the brilliance of our pieces you'll create a memory that is as timeless as the love you share. Selecting an engagement ring is an emotional and exciting journey, and at Warren James, we're honoured to be part of this significant moment in your life. Here's to your radiant future together!