The Month of the Ruby...

The Month of the Ruby...

'Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Rubbyyyy!!!'


The month of July is upon us, and along with the arrival of the sunshine and heat, it's also the month of Cancer star sign and the Ruby birthstone.


Whether or not you believe in the Zodiac and the powers these gemstones are believed to hold, it's a great excuse to wear the rich coloured gemstones.


So what's so special about the Ruby?

The birthstone for the 4th sign of the Zodiac, Cancer, the Ruby is a precious gem that is synonymous with confidence. The stone gets it's famous red colour from the presence of the trace element 'chromium'. Rubies range in colour from a deep, rich blood-red, to a lighter rose red. When exposed to sunlight, the UV rays make the chromium glow and give it the stunning dazzle it's known for!

Some fun facts about the Ruby:

As well as a birthstone, the Ruby is also the gemstone for 15th and 40th anniversaries
They are a 9 on Mohs Hardness Scale
They were named after the Latin word for red - `ruber´
Rubies are incredibly significant throughout history - they are even mentioned in the Bible four separate times!
In ancient Sanskrit, a Ruby is called 'Ratnaraj', which means `King of Gems´
If a Ruby is too pink, it will likely be sold as a Pink Sapphire and not as a Ruby at all!