How To Look Expensive On A Budget

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

When scrolling through Instagram or flicking through your `For You´ page on TikTok, it´s impossible not to come across a millionaire socialite or celebrity looking effortlessly dazzling. But, of course they do - they´re wearing $12,000 rings and stunning Cartier staples pieces.

So how can you get the same look without remortgaging your house twice? It´s actually much easier than you think. Just like building a capsule wardrobe of essential items for each season, you can look super expensive with your accessories by carefully selecting jewellery pieces that are timeless and versatile.

We´ve made it even easier for you by listing the 5 jewellery items every woman must own to look expensive on a budget...

The Modern Pearl

When you think of pearls, who comes to mind? Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O... all the iconic women of our history who never took a wrong style step. Pearls are not only timeless, but they ooze `chic´ and sophistication. There´s a reason every generation of women swears by them.

Freshwater Cultured Pearls are a perfect way to perk up any outfit, without breaking the bank. Like our Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings (£15), matching to the Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Necklace (£19) for an effortless everyday look. Or our Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings - Drops (£24) to add a touch of Old Hollywood glam to an evening look.

Layered Necklaces

Probably one of the easiest to nail on this list, layered necklaces you great with any simple outfit. Choose necklaces with varying lengths and, to jazz it up even more, add quirky pendants like initials or symbols to add some personality. Why not take it one step further and add a Tennis Necklace? It´s the ultimate `it´ item right now, and one piece that´ll make you look rich in an instant.

Complete the look in one step with our 18ct Gold Vermeil On Silver Multi Strand Necklace (£49) or the 18ct Gold Vermeil on Silver Mirror Finish and Herringbone Multi Strand Necklace (£59).

Our Tennis Necklace, Platinum Tone 4mm (£59) looks insanely good and is bold enough to stand alone or strengthen any layer as a perfect statement piece.

Statement Bracelets

Stacks are everywhere right now. Models, celebs and influencers are stacking everything, including rings, earrings and bracelets. Another way to elevate your daily look is to arm yourself (literally) with bracelets and bangles to create a stack unique to you.

Don´t be afraid to mix and match colours and designs. Mix gold and silver (scandalous!), with simple and more decorative items to really stand out. Our Ladies Silver Tennis Bracelet (£29) is the perfect starting point. Pair this with the Silver Crossover Bangle (£79) to bulk it up, or keep to basic and stack more sparkle with the 18ct Gold Vermeil On Silver Tennis Bracelet 2.5mm (£99). Or add some personalisation with our brand new made-to-order Name Bracelets (£36/37).


This is an essential if you´re gong for effortlessly elegant. Hoop earrings are so versatile, they lend themselves to any outfit. To keep things classic, go for small to medium sized hoops with a touch of sparkle.

Our Silver Huggie Earrings (£19) are an instant go-to to perfect that everyday look. If you want to go slightly larger with more glam, go for our Silver Channel Set Huggie Earrings (£23). And for gold lovers, you can´t go wrong with the new 18ct Gold Vermeil On Silver Sparkle Hoops 25mm (£58)


Your hands are important and, just like a regular manicure, chic rings on your hands make a world of difference. Picking rings that are simple and timeless ensure that your look is always stylish and looks expensive.

Our best selling Silver Solitaire Ring (£19) is the perfect choice for a luxurious look, with a Rhodium finish. Or why not stack with our Silver Duet 2 Ring Set (£29). If you´re wanted to go all out and invest in a forever piece, the 18ct White Gold Diamond Eternity Band (£799) is the one. A beautiful piece that reflects the very best of jewellery heritage skills.