Six Ways To Be Sneaky That Your Partner Will Absolutely Love You For

Six Ways To Be Sneaky That Your Partner Will Absolutely Love You For

Finding your partner's ring size, for the perfect fitting engagement ring, or special surprise present doesn´t have to be like a scene from Mission Impossible. That´s because we´ve got six brilliant and sneaky hacks that guarantees it will be mission accomplished!

finger sizer

Box clever!

If your partner has a lot of jewellery, then there´s a good chance they have a jewellery box too. Once you´ve found it, if you´re buying an engagement ring, find the ring that they often wear on the engagement ring finger of their left hand and measure it with a ring sizer tool or measure the diameter with a ruler. If you can´t find a ring for that particular finger, then if they have a ring they wear on their middle finger (ideally the left hand), measure that instead. This will help the jeweller make an accurate approximation of your partner´s finger size.

“Borrow” a ring for a day

If you want to be super sure that you´ve got this right, then take one of your partner's rings to a jeweller and get them to measure it properly. It will take the jeweller a second or two and is often more accurate than taking measurements yourself. Pick the right ring though. Don´t borrow one they wear everyday, or they will think they´ve lost it and panic. Try and find a ring that they wear often enough, so you´ll know it´s comfortable and fits well. As before, try and match the ring to the correct or corresponding finger. It´s worth remembering that the hand a person writes with is often slightly larger than the other. So mention that to the jeweller, if you´ve borrowed a ring usually worn on the other hand.

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How are your drawing skills?

Don´t worry; we´re not looking for fine art! If you don´t think you can get away with borrowing a ring for a day to take it to a jeweller, then pick an appropriate ring and draw around the outline (both inside and out). That way, your jeweller will be able to see both the circumference and the diameter.

how are your drawing skills

Ask for help

Enlist the help of your partner´s friends. Especially if you know they have one who´s just got a new ring, or has a ring they love. Asking their friend to insist that they try it on is a perfect way of getting the information you need. It´s also less suspicious if you´re not there. So, a quick catch-up with the friend later should tell you if it was too big, or too small. You might even get some tips on what style of engagement ring your partner would love. Just make sure you´ve properly briefed their friend to subtly ask all the right questions!

Ask for Help

Let your family lend a hand

If involving your partner's best friends sounds a little too risky, then there´s always the old `family heirloom ploy´. If there´s an antique ring in your family that´s destined to make its way to you as an heirloom, then getting your partner to try it on for fun can be a really sneaky and effective way of finding their ring size.

always go big

Always go big!

Bear in mind that wider rings are designed to fit tighter on the finger. This means that something like an engagement ring, which is often slimmer than an everyday ring, will have a different fit. If you´re unsure, and haven´t managed to accurately measure an appropriate ring, then our advice would be to always go for a larger ring size. As it´s far easier and more cost-effective to reduce the size of a ring, than it is to make it bigger.

One last very important thing…

Good luck and congratulations! Everyone here at Warren James wishes you a very long and happy life together.