Smash It With Our Super Stylish Tennis Bracelets

Smash It With Our Super Stylish Tennis Bracelets

Smash it this Summer, with our super stylish Tennis Bracelets

Effortlessly chic, our Tennis Bracelets make the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one. Not only are they great value they also bring any look to life, which is why we think they´re such jewellery box essentials.

Available in a range of stunning styles, stones and colours. Their timeless elegance works perfectly as an individual bracelet, or stacked to create a real statement piece. Always affordable and always fantastic value, you really do have multiple options, for a wide range of looks with our uber-chic Tennis Bracelets.

15, 30, 40+ – why all ages love our Tennis Bracelets

It doesn´t matter how young or old you are, make sure it´s Set and Perfect Match with our game changing Tennis Bracelets. Stylish, affordable must-haves that deliver an essential sparkle!

Whether you're delivering an overhand smash on the court, or out and about having fun, our DiamonFlash® Tennis Bracelets will put you at the centre of attention, as you catch the light and the looks with every move you make.

These timeless bracelets are perfect for dressing up or down throughout the whole year. They´re so versatile too. As their rows of continuous stones add glamour to any evening dress, bring any jeans-based casual look to life and are the perfect partner for poolside chic this summer. They really are one of the most versatile and glamorous items you could have in your jewellery collection.

Never heard of a Tennis Bracelet?

Before they were renamed Tennis Bracelets, these rows of sparkling stones were known as eternity bracelets and were given as a token on undying love.

Back in 1987 there was a very glamorous World Number One tennis player called Chris Evert. She was famous for her love of these bracelets and she wore them in all her matches. It was in the U.S. Open that year that she made headlines by stopping the match to look for her diamond bracelet. It had worked its way loose during an exceptionally long rally. Ever since then, these elegant bracelets have been given the name “Tennis Bracelets”.

All of which is great news for us. Just because we´re never going to win Wimbledon, it doesn´t mean that we can at least dress like a champion!

Mixed Doubles

Not only are our tennis Bracelets the jewellery box essential for every stylish lady around town, but we´ve extended our range to include men´s bracelets too. They have become such a hot item that we´ve been hearing all about our customer´s partners raiding their collections, so we´ve designed some especially with him in mind.

All delivering that same DiamonFlash® sparkle and lustre, but designed and hand finished with a more masculine setting, creating a strong statement piece.

So now you can match you're partner´s Tennis Bracelet for a game of doubles, with a His & Her power-couple look that is beautifully understated and stylish.

Set Point

Let us tell you a little about how our Tennis Bracelets make such an affordable, dazzling and must-have addition to your collection. Each bracelet is made from DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconias, our finest quality diamond simulants. Which is the perfect addition as they sparkle and dance on your wrist.

Available in a variety of lengths and colour, in both men´s and women´s styles, they are the perfect accompaniment to any summer look, creating an air of timeless glamour whenever and wherever you wear them.

Perfect for a LOVE match

Let´s not forget that the Tennis Bracelet started it´s life as an Eternity Bracelet, give as a token of never-ending love. Which is why they are also the item of choice for glamorous modern brides. They bring a timeless elegance to any wedding dress, bestowing that air of sophistication. Not only that, but they make the perfect thank you gift for your wonderful and supportive Bridesmaids.

Just don´t forget the groom and best man, with our men´s range!

Perfect fit for a perfect look

Whether your treating yourself, your partner or a friend, our affordable and stylish Tennis Bracelets make a perfect and elegant gift.

Finding the right size couldn´t be easier too, as many of our styles are fitted with extenders to allow you to adjust to the perfect length.

Shop our collection today, online or in stores!