The Month of Peridot

The Month of Peridot

As we welcome a rainy and grey August, we also say hello to the birth month of Leo's and the Peridot birthstone.

Never heard of Peridot? While it's not one of the most popular gemstones, the little lime green rock is said to hold many meanings and can be quite powerful. You can get the look with our Peridot Coloured Sterling Silver Knot Studs!

Believed to be an all over healing crystal which assist us on all levels, Peridot is a positive energy stone that helps to attract abundance. Sometimes called a 'poor man's Emerald', Peridot has a luxurious green colour and is formed from silicon, iron and magnesium.

Spiritually, Peridot can help to release unwanted emotional baggage, and resolve commitment issues. Peridot has long been recognised for it's healing power and can be found in Ancient Egyptian jewellery dated from the early 2nd millennium BC. Ancient Roman were also fond of the stone and gave it the nickname 'Emerald of the Evening'.

Tips & Tricks...


It's said that to attract abundance, keep a small piece of Peridot in your purse, with your credit cards at home or near tolls or account books at work.


An old wives tale for anti-aging benefits and cellular rejuvenation is to make restorative crystalline water by soaking Peridot in a glass of filtered mineral water for 8 hours for more. Use the water to splash onto your face or wrists.


Let us know if any of these tricks work for you!