What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?


Lab Grown Diamonds are as real as any Diamond mined from the Earth, and are identical in every single way. They have exactly the same physical properties, the same optical properties, the same chemical properties and the same sparkle and lustre as any mined diamond.

The only differences are...

PRICE - Lab Grown Diamonds are at least 50% cheaper than mined - and often much, much more!

ETHICS - there´s no risk of tapping into a dubious history of Diamond mining as Lab Grown are just that - grown in a clean and organised lab!

ENVIRONMENT - A scientific lab is a much better option than drilling into the Earth and potentially ruining a whole lot of landscape.


With zero physical and chemical differences, it´s absolutely no wonder that more and more of us are turning to Lab Grown Diamonds.

Hollywood royalty like Zoe Kravitz , Billy Porter, Lady Gaga and Penelope Cruz have all worn Lab Grown stones as they elegantly strode down the red carpet for award shows and more.

Even Megan Markle was ahead of the game as she lit up the streets of London back in 2019, catching the world´s attention with some stunning drop earrings embedded with Lab Grown Diamonds.


When LVMH, the parent company of super brands like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany, invested in a Lab-Grown production facility in 2022, it´s very clear that all industries are moving toward more ethical Lab Grown stones.

Another of LVMH´s brand, the luxury watch maker Tag Heuer, produced the Carrera Plasma - their first ever chronometer decorated with Lad Grown Diamonds.

The revolution has already happened

There is no doubt that Lab Grown Diamonds are here to stay. The price of the Lab Grown stones, as well as the environmental impact and concerns over traditional mining, are all driving the growth of the Lab Grown market.

70% of people aged 25–40 are looking at Lab Grown Diamonds as a sustainable (and affordable) alternative to mined. And who can blame them?!

According to the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), Diamond buyers are purchasing more and more Lab Grown, as the market demands better value and less environmental and humanitarian impact, with Lab Grown sales increasing by around 20% year on year. It´s astonishing how technology and competition has actually seen prices drop in the Lab Grown market. Back in 2008 it cost around $4,000 to produce a one carat stone. Nowadays, that´s down to around $500.

Considering that Lab Grown Diamonds have always been far more ethical and affordable than mined stones, and with prices just getting better and better, you really can see why buying Lab Grown is a real no-brainer.


Lab Grown Diamonds are made using the same kind of extreme heat and pressure that mined stones were created in. It´s just that this technique was first captured in a laboratory in 1954, instead of the millions of years it takes the planet to make them. Best of all, since the 50´s, advances in technology means that we are now capable of producing Diamonds that are indistinguishable to those dug out of the Earth.

Professional jewellers know that Lab Grown stones test exactly the same as mined Diamonds for one simple reason – they ARE the same!

With both Lab Grown and mined Diamonds matching each other for Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat (our `Four of Diamonds´). The only two differences are the huge price difference and the stones origin. So ask yourself one question – Why Pay More?

How they make the perfect diamond

There are two techniques used in growing Diamonds, both of which start with a seed (a flat slither of an existing Diamond).

The first technique is called HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature). Where the seed is placed amongst pure graphite carbon, and heated to around 1,500°C. It is then pressurised to around 1.5 million pounds per square inch.

The second technique, called the CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) sees the seed being placed in a sealed chamber full of carbon rich gas and being heated to around 800°C. The gas begins to stick to the seed and the Diamond is grown, atom-by-atom.


A common estimation is that 250 tonnes of Earth is moved for every single carat of Diamond mined. With some mines being so large they can be seen from space with NASA´s Terra satellite!

Recent reports show mined Diamonds require twice the energy per carat to dig them out of the Earth, than those grown in a Lab. Not only that, but assuming that the power for the Labs comes from sustainable sources, the benefits to our planet go on and on. It´s widely estimated that for every single carat that is mined, 57kg of carbon is released into the atmosphere, adding to global warming. Where Lab Grown Diamond production releases little more than two or three grams of carbon. .

It all adds up to the perfect purchase

So here's a quick run down of why everyone is turning to Lab Grown Diamonds…

They're exactly the same in every physical and chemical way as mined diamonds.

They cost around 50/60% less that those dug out of the ground.

They produce stunning jewellery where you get massively more Bling for your Buck!

They are without a doubt better for the planet and the animals living on and in it.

Fast becoming the Diamond of choice for celebrities.

When it comes to buying your next ring, necklace or bracelet, Lab Grown Diamonds are just a no-brainer for anyone looking for bigger and better diamonds without extending their budget. Lab Grown Diamonds really are a girl's new best friend!