Why A Tennis Bracelet Should Be The Next Addition To Your Jewellery Collection

Why A Tennis Bracelet Should Be The Next Addition To Your Jewellery Collection

When you think of elegant, sophisticated jewellery, there's no doubt that - along with diamonds and pearls - tennis bracelets also come to mind. But did you know that the tennis bracelet hasn't even been around for that long?

The famous incident at the 1987 U.S Tennis Championships involving Chris Evert, a professional USA tennis player, gave birth to the tennis bracelet. During a US Open match, she was wearing an in-line diamond bracelet, and the clasp broke.

Chris requested that the match be suspended until she found her bracelet. Her request was granted, and because of this drama, the bracelet became known as a diamond tennis bracelet.

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It fast became a staple for tennis players in the following generations, with Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams both spotted wearing the bracelet during matches. The sport is becoming more and more synonymous with the jewellery industry in recent years with Emily Raducanu wearing almost £30k worth of Tiffany & Co pearls and diamonds in her opening match in 2022. She of course, became an ambassador for the brand shortly after her incredible win.

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While sparkly and beautiful, tennis bracelets aren't just for women. Why not try adding a little glimmer to a masculine look? Click here for our men's version in two sizes.

There are countless ways to wear a tennis bracelet. Typically described as a row of continuous stones, they are set on a slender bracelet made of precious metals to create an elegant and stunning sparkle with every movement.

Choose from a single row bracelet for a delicate, dainty look, or 'play doubles' with two rows for a stacked style. Whether you wear them alone, layered up or paired with a watch, there is no occasion that a tennis bracelet isn't suitable for.

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Why not personalise your bracelet by adding an initial pendant? A cute, delicate charm to make the perfect gift for someone special.

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