Men’s wedding rings are often the only piece of jewellery some men wear, so you need a design that you love and want to wear every single day for the rest of your life. At Warren James, you’ll find a beautiful selection of men’s wedding bands in yellow gold, platinum, and even silver and gold combined; some people like the combination of the two metals as it can represent the coming together of two people in a marriage.

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Men's Wedding Rings

Keep it simple and classic with our collection of minimal, traditional men’s gold wedding bands, or go for something a little more heavyweight. Our range features some truly unique designs, like this silver and gold men’s wedding ring with a diamond cut design around the band. Alternatively, opt for a modern brushed finish, which will be better at hiding scratches.

There’s something for every style and budget in our collection, including men’s diamond wedding bands, and rings with cubic zirconia detailing. If you want a touch of bling but don’t want anything that feels too flashy, this 9 carat band with a single set diamond would fit the bill.

Some men are unsure about wearing a wedding ring every day if they don’t usually wear jewellery, but some still wear theirs on special occasions or even around their neck on a chain, so it’s still important to invest in a band you love. Prices for our men’s wedding bands start from just over £100 to £1,000+, so you’re sure to find a ring that works with your wedding budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, take a look at our men’s rings sale, which includes a great choice of designs at a fantastic discount. What’s more, if you’re worried your wedding ring may get dirty or damaged, a cheaper band may be a more sensible option.

We also have an extensive collection of women’s wedding rings, so you can find a band that matches the bride’s perfectly.