Naomi Sterling Silver DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconia Ring

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Superbly crafted and with perfect proportions, the Naomi ring is superb.  Light and fire flash with every movement creating a ring that looks fabulous and one that will be noticed whenever worn. Matching items available to complete the look.

  • Sterling Silver
  • DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconia
    Finest Quality Diamond Simulant
  • Rhodium Finish
    A member of the Platinum family
  • Matching Earrings & Necklace Available


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Most of our ladies rings are available in sizes I to S. Most of our men's rings are available in sizes P to Z. If your ring size is outside this range, we may be able to order it for you specially, although this may take several weeks. If you need your ring urgently, we may be able to have a standard ring re-sized for you. However, with some styles of rings, this is not possible. Please ask our staff for advice.

Helping to take care of your jewellery - some general guidelines and do's & don'ts


  • Add jewellery last when dressing
  • Store carefully to avoid tangling and scratching
  • Handle with care and patience
  • Check fasteners periodically for wear and tear


  • Wear when bathing
  • Wear in bed
  • Wear when exercising
  • Wear when doing housework, D.I.Y., Gardening etc
  • Allow direct contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotions, foundations etc.
  • Use abrasive cleaners on jewellery

Precious Metals - Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is one of the precious metals with a cool stylish look. It is also a natural characteristic of silver to tarnish. To remove the tarnish clean with a specialist cleaning cloth or fluid.

Precious Metals - Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a precious metal with warmth and lustre. It can be kept clean and lustrous with a specialist cleaning cloth or fluid. Periodic specialist cleaning and polishing by your jeweller is also recommended.

Precious Metals - White Gold

White gold is a precious metal that is both beautiful and popular. The white lustre is enhanced by rhodium plating (rhodium is a member of the platinum family) which with general wear will fade over time. Therfore white gold requires a higher maintenance to retain its lustre. To restore the white lustre re-rhodium plating periodically is required. This specialist procedure can be carried out by your jeweller.

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