Silver rings are an extremely popular choice for modern engagement, wedding, and eternity rings. Gold is seen as the more traditional choice by some, but women’s silver rings are still beautifully classic, and they go with everything.

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Silver Rings For Her

Diamonds - or even cubic zirconia - look simply stunning paired with a silver band for the ultimate shining, sparkling ring, and you’ll find a beautiful collection of women’s silver rings (and sterling silver rings), both with and without diamonds, at Warren James. These rings make beautiful silver engagement rings, and there are plenty of plain silver bands to choose from if you’re looking for a wedding ring.

For ultimate sparkle, browse our collection of silver rings made with Swarovski® crystals, or choose a stone with impact that combines crystals and gemstones for a brilliantly glittering finish.

Our silver rings don’t just come with plain bands - some have a twisted or braided design, and some even have petal-inspired bands.

Although our collection of women’s silver rings features some beautiful engagement rings and wedding rings to treasure forever, we’ve also got sterling silver rings that make wonderful costume jewellery. Layer up these rings on your fingers or wear across your whole hand to make a quirky statement; remember that silver rings don’t just have to be for your ring finger, they can be a gorgeous treat for yourself too.

If you can’t choose between our different silver rings, a set of stacking rings is the perfect option, allowing you to mix and match your jewellery depending on the outfit you’re wearing.

Matching your earrings with your ring can look incredibly classy; find silver earrings to match your new ring in our collection here