Find your ring size

This ring sizer is a guide only - our branch staff will be happy to accurately measure your fingers and offer advice on the most suitable size

How to measure your ring size:

1.Click here to open this page as a PDF.

Once it is open follow the instructions below to print it correctly.

To ensure this document prints at the correct size,
go to: File>Print>Properties, and then "Page Scaling"
to "None"

2. Once printed measure the outer box and ensure
that it measures 160mm x 45mm

3. Cut out the sizer and make a slit where shown

4.Push the end through the slit and slip it over your

5. Adjust the sizer so that it fits comfortably around
your finger

6. Check that you can remove the sizer over your
knuckle without difficulty

7. Read off the letter indicated by the arrow and that
is your size

IMPORTANT: Do not pull the ring sizer tightly as
this will give you an incorrect reading