Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Statement

At Warren James Jewellers, women and men are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

Whilst we treat all applicants equally, as a retailer selling predominately women’s jewellery, we find that we largely attract female applicants to work in our business, with many applicants telling us that this is driven by their passion for our products and interest in women’s jewellery.

2018 – 2019 gender pay gap data:

Hourly Rate

Women’s hourly rate is 2.2% lower by mean average and 2.5% higher by median average

Pay Quartiles

Top quartile  4.0% men 96.0% women
Upper middle quartile 4.5% men   95.5% women
Lower middle quartile 4.0% men 96.0% women
Lower quartile  7.0% men 93.0% women

Bonus Pay

0% of men and 0% of women received bonus pay

Guy Lightowler
Guy Lightowler, Director of Commerce